Hero Pro Disc Dog Bag

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Hero Pro Disc Dog Bag

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Red/Black = Red flight plate with Black rim/edge.
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The Hero Pro Disc Dog Bag is designed with today’s disc dogger in mind. The many features of the Hero Pro Disc Dog Bag reflect Hero Discs’ commitment to making cutting edge products for the ever-growing sport of disc dogging. Featuring an innovative removable inner compartment that allows you to store your discs easily, and take the liner out for easy cleaning. Gone are the days of your beloved bag holding more dead grass lawn trimmings than the entire park, remove the liner, dump it out, wipe it down and you are back in business. The liner also has two removable, fully adjustable dividers so you can keep all your different models of Hero Discs in order for easy access.

Measuring in at 19”L x 11”W x 10”D, The Pro Bag has ample room to easily accommodate enough discs for an entire day of competing. In the main compartment you will also have room for a water bowl, vaulting vest, spit towel and an extra Hero t-shirt or two!! Smaller accessories can be stashed in the numerous external pockets.

On one end we have built two pockets, one open at the top, to hold a water bottle, which is secured in place by a bungee cord at the top!! The other pocket is zippered and has plenty of room for your wallet, car keys, and even an interior pocket, with a Velcro strap, to hold your cell phone or mp3 player. The other end of the bag features a large, zippered compartment. Inside this compartment are 2 zippered pockets and two open pockets to secure any additional smaller items, a notebook, pen, etc, and the large inner area can hold your CDs, gloves, Hero minis and anything else you might need to keep your competitive game at its highest.

If that’s not enough storage, there are also three pockets on one side of the bag!! A large pocket can hold a Hero 235 disc, for quick access, the smaller pocket can hold your stopwatch, more poop bags and whatever else you like to keep instantly accessible. The third pocket is mesh with a zippered top, and an easy access opening if you have your cell phone in here or any other necessary items.
For the ultimate in transportation, see our Hero Back Strap System (sold separately) that allows hands free usage of your Hero Pro Disc Dog Bag. Enhance Nylon connectors allow all the straps to securely hold your bag close for the next time you are called to the line!!

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