Wham-O Mini Disc Golf Basket Set

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Wham-O Mini Disc Golf Basket Set


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*This set comes with 6 mini's and a mini basket for indoor or outdoor fun.

*The basket stands 31" tall and 12" in diameter.

*Play a par 3 round of disc golf like the pros with the entire family or play at work, features six mini Frisbee discs and one Frisbee golf target.

*For ages 5 and up but even adults love it, the metal chains are designed to catch the Frisbee discs so throw your favorite, tossing, hyzers, etc.

*The perfect indoor toy for family fun, for parties and even at work, the wham-o mini golf disc set is small enough for an office or patio.

*The best toy for all ages, the disk are small enough for very young kids but fly great so adults love it too, play outside for full game of disc golf.

*The Mini Frisbee Golf Disc Game set is the coolest indoor/outdoor toy for kids and adults, play at home, work or for an event, contest and more.

Special features: 

Discsport Tipsar Discsport Tipsar

Wham-O Mini Mold

  • Mini Beware of.. Water hazard

    Mini Beware
    of.. Water hazard



  • Fun-O-Meter Glow Mini

    Glow Mini



  • OOS

    World Peace Mini Disc

    World Peace
    Mini Disc



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