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◼ Discsport's Christmas Calendar 2020 ◼

This year's Christmas Calendar is based on time. And lovely swirleys :) And a few first runs / glows.

Every day, a disc will be sent with the order that is placed closest to a certain time (order value at least 15 EUR excl. shipping). The basis for the times is Swedish time (CET) starting tonight at 20:20.

If several orders are placed with the same distance to the "slot time", a draw takes place between them. Ex. 3 players placed an order 20:19, 0 players 20:20, 5 players 20:21. The draw takes place between the 8 players who were no more than one minute away.

The calendar above shows all discs that will be raffled off. But which disc comes on which day is revealed at each slot-opening-post. Discs in detail

Good luck!

All times:
1 Dec 20:20 CET
2 Dec 02:00
3 Dec 03:00
22 Dec 22:00
23 Dec 23:00
24 Dec 15:00

PS. After the releases of Svea First Run and Kaxe Z Black Ed. we have worked on an update for our shopping cart. The hope is now that no one will have the bad experience of discs mysteriously disappear from the shopping cart.

T-Link Disc Golf Shoe

T-Link Disc Golf Shoe

Nu 299kr (ord. pris 799 kr)
Stay focused under pressure with the T-Link Disc Golf Shoe from Latitude 64 °. The rugged, carved antislip outsole gives you confidence both on tee and in terrain. This custom built Disc Golf shoe lets you focus on each shot and wearing it off the course will show the world that you are a Disc Golfer at heart.

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Tävling! Har du sett vår snygga banner uppsatt? Posta en bild! (med dig/omgivning). Tagga #discsportbanner och

Vi utser tre pristagare bland alla publiceringar. Slutdatum för tävling ej satt (prel försäsong 2019 alt när minst 20 publiceringar gjorts).

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* Posta en bild på ditt senaste inköp från Discsport och tagga med #discsportmailcall
* Lägg till bildkommentar vad ni tyckte om leveransen.

Nu återigen dags att skaka liv i hashtaggen #discsportmailcall. Det är tryggt för oss att få svart på vitt att leveransen verkligen kommit fram :) Men framförallt kul att få feedback från alla som shoppar hos oss.

Posta en bild vettja! När du hämtar ditt paket, begrundar dess innehåll hemma, eller testar materialet på banan.

Varje månad gör vi en utlottning bland dem som taggat och hashat #discsportmailcall. Finfina vinster utlovas!